Server monitoring dashboard application Please login to download ....
Development Tool: Visual Studio 2015.
Development language: C#. 
Database: DAT.
Application Type: Networking Desktop application.
Operating System: Windows OS, wIndows server OS.
Supported Language: English.

Server monitoring dashboard

Application setting dialog.

Application dashboard.

Server monitoring dashboard application:

The application monitor information from the server and this information are:

  1. Sample data for the interval selected by the user, this sample data include:
    1. CPU usage.
    2. Memory usage.
    3. Timestamp of the sample.
  2. Information regarding application running on the server:
    1. Application name.
    2. Application CPU usage.
    3. Application memory usage.
    4. Application CPU usage time.
  3. Information regarding all the services that are running on the server.
    1. Service name.
    2. Service description.
  4. List of logic CPU's and the usage percentage of each logic CPU.
  5. Chart displaying overall CPU usage.
  6. Chart displaying memory used and free memory in Kbytes.
  7. Hardware and software information regarding the server:
    1. Operating system.
    2. Operating system version.
    3. Manufacture.
    4. Server name.
    5. Server IP.
    6. Server motherboard details.
    7. Number of cores.
    8. Number of logical processors.
    9. Current clock speed.
    10. Max clock speed.
    11. Data width.
    12. Total memory.
System screen samples

Memory usage chart

CPU usage by each logical CPU

CPU and MEM 60 sec. sample

Services running on server

Server hardware and software information

Application running on server