Arbetsformedlingen (Emp. Office on-line system)
Development Tool: Visual Studio 2015.
Development language: C#, ASP.Net, Java Script, CSS, HTML
Database: MS SQL 2014.
Application Type: Web application + Desktop application.
Operating System: Windows, iOS, and any OS suported browser.
Supported Language: English, Swedish.


Employment office officer module

System Diagram

The idea of the system is to get rid of the old process of carrying paper and going around for signature and then wait in line with hundreds of people trying to submit the reports to the right officers. Also to ease the burden on the employment officer to sort out the reports such as which report goes to which officer and son on.

The current proposed System is to tackle this problem, and provide online solution for all parties to verify (by digital signature), submit report and analysis reports.

The system contains three application modules and two desktop application modules and they are:

Web application module:

  1. Client module.
  2. SFI School module.
  3. Company / org. module.

Desktop application module:

  1. Employment office Admin module.
  2. Employment officer module.

The system will cover all Sweden employment offices and the system will link employment offices to schools, companies, restaurants, programs, etc.

System modules

System data flow

System screen samples

System Login

System programs setting form

System security

School staff setting

User reporting form

Module selection page

School admin module, Staff setting

School admin module, Students teacher setting